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Nu-Rekall is a noninvasive system performed by trained facilitators
and/or through self-help to change the hierarchy of memories

"It's time to accept that the past CAN be changed, forgotten
forgiven, edited and erased"
Matthew D. Dovel, scientist.


A system that targets troublesome memories and removes, alternators, edits and erases them.

Procedures based on 30 year scientific research, development, testing, and results.



 Mind Science Technologies

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Hierarchy of our past memories control
the decision making process

'Memory Trauma's' get stuck in our consciousness

Sigmund Freud stated that ALL decision making
is driven by our desire to seek out pleasure
and avoid pain

Life becomes very limiting to those that run out
of probable outcomes ending in pleasure

With the Nu-Rekall system of changing the hierarchy of our past
we can now remove the symptoms of; depression, anxiety,
P.T.S.D., bipolar, chronic depression, manic behavior,
unwanted coping mechanisms, and suicidal ideation.


Mind Science Technologies
Created by: Matthew D. Dovel,
human behavioral modification scientist
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