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Side Effects of a NDE

Are You Suicidal?

Those Lost to Suicide

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independent research into NDEs and educating the world about near-death and similar experiences


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Matthew D. Dovel at

Expert - Suicide Prevention, International

Experienced at TV, Radio, and print interviews covering the pathology of suicidal thoughts and suicidal solutions.

Workshops, classes, lectures, coaching, and training.

Partnerships with public schools, Military, mental health professionals, law enforcement, Indian Native Communities, and government entities.


"Happiness is a Choice" - An interactive experience that covers suicide, suicidal thoughts, Post traumatic stress disorder, depression, alcohol abuse, drug addition, addictions, prejudices, limitations, and the only real choice humans have.

Teaching from an experiential point of view, Matthew Dovel attempted suicide at the age of twenty-five (1987).

An international suicide prevention expert with over twenty years of field work to his credit, and certified in bio-hazardous removal, attendees will be educated on the psychology of suicide. Who is at the greatest risk and how to help them.

Learn the NEW approach to removing suicidal thoughts within hours and/or minutes without medication and/or long term treatments.

Pre-screening that can determine if someone you know, or yourself, is at risk of committing suicide one day. There is not another test that can determine with the accuracy of this unique test.  A must for senior centers, mental health professionals, small business, large corporations, military, police, hospitals, and schools.


Life coach for the suicidal, survivors.

TV, Radio, and print interviews


For a list of major interviews, workshops, lectures and classes given by Matthew Dovel | click here |.

Work experience with law enforcement.

Training conducted for the U.S. Army.  New pre-screening test to determine those at high risk for future suicides.

Workshops given to students, teachers and, administrators in public schools.

Interventions conducted on Indian communities, Aboriginal, and Native tribes.

Training, classes, and interactive workshops for mental health professionals.

Suicide prevention expert in Las Vegas, Nevada

Matthew Dovel, almost three decades of experiential field work with the suicidal, depressed, emergency crisis post-suicide family support and creating holistic unconventional solutions.  A trauma scene specialist.

Specialized crisis support

Anonymity & confidentiality is a priority!

Experienced with helping those that require the confidentiality associated with public figures needing anonymity; actors, politicians, physicians, etc.

Solutions based on unconventional and holistic methodologies.

Creator of Self-Help emotional trauma removal.

  • Emotional Memory Removal (EMR).
  • (4 Phase) - Targeted memory bonding eliminator.


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