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Matthew D. Dovel is now
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independent research into NDEs and educating the world about near-death and similar experiences


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Creator of suicidal thoughts cause removal in 5 minutes!  A NEW permanent solution!

Las Vegas, Nevada (Rumors of the author's death have not been exaggerated).
"A best selling book on life after death."
International Suicide Prevention Expert....Since May 31, 1987 | more |
"There is no substitute for experience, when a life counts on it!"

I Survived, Beyond and Back
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A&E's Biographical Channel TV show, 'I Survived, Beyond and Back' November 6, 2011.
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As seen also on 'Good Morning America' and '20/20'.

Watch this ABC special that aired on "Good Morning America", discussing the existence of Heaven and Hell with eyewitness Matthew Dovel, the author of "My Last Breath". Watch part of Mr. Dovel's incredible testimony where he spent three days in Hell.
Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, and Bill Weir.


My Last Breath

"My Last Breath" is the autobiography of Matthew Dovel.  He writes about the two worst, and best moments of this life when he died, and returned, after visiting both heaven and hell.

Questions answered in "My Last Breath";
What is it like to drown?  Is it really that bad in hell?  What did God look like?

About the author

Matthew Dovel has already died...twice!  At the age of twelve he drowned in a neighbors swimming pool, went into a white light, came face to face with the creator of the universe, only to be sent back into his body.


Matthew Dovel confused, turned to alcohol and drugs and by the age of 25 had developed a thousand dollar a week drug habit.  A few weeks after his 25 birthday he decided to commit suicide in an effort to return to what he says was heaven in his first near-death experience.


As a result of his attempted suicide he had a second near-death experience but, instead of a heavenly experience, he spent three days in hell...literally!


Upon his deliverance from the dark pit of hell, Mr. Dovel quit a $1,000.00 a week drug habit cold turkey, and then dedicated his life to helping suffering alcoholics, those that are addicted to drugs, the suicidal, and those that have lost a loved one to a suicide.


It has now been over twenty years, and Mr. Dovel since has founded a nonprofit organization called ISP (International Suicide Prevention) a 501(c)(3) public charity.  ISP is the only national organization that assists families financially after a suicide to pay for suicide scene cleanup, temporary housing, and counseling.  Go to to learn more about this unique organization.


Mr. Dovel is known in some circles as a Hollywood Consultant because, he has helped celebrities that were suicidal choose a different path.  Matthew Dovel is professional, and does not discuss those he has helped without their permission. It is important for those that are suicidal have a level of anonymity in order to recover from this seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.


Mr. Dovel, in his spare time, cleans up suicide scenes personally for families that do not have the money to pay for a bio hazard company to do it.  When asked why he would want to do this work, he simply says that it is because it is the right thing to do.


A member of IANDS

For 31 years, IANDS has been encouraging independent research into NDEs and educating the world about near-death and similar experiences -- and their effects and implications. It has been the foremost consultant organization on the subject to radio, television, film, and the print media; it provides publications and conferences, sponsors local groups, has sent hundreds of speakers to audiences worldwide, and reaches out in person and online with reliable information and support. It has helped change the public perception of what it is like to die.

Matthew D.Dovel is an invited speaker at this years annual conference in New Port Beach, California on August 31, 2014.  This speaking engagement is set to be web cast live August 31, 2014 10:00 am.

For a limited time buy a digital copy of, "My Last Breath"
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My Last Breath, fact or fiction

It has been request of me to explain a controversial question about the classification of my book "My Last Breath".  The question at hand is, "did the story in this book really happen or, was it a work of an over active imagination?"

Let the readers be clear on this; "My Last Breath", is my autobiography and it happened just as I have written.

Due to the topic and material presented in "My Last Breath", the current publisher classified this book as a fiction.

I hope that this clarifies any confusion about the validity or impact my story may have on you, if you are going to or, have read "My Last Breath".

As seen on "Good Morning America"

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